Development Disabilities Program

Development Disabilities

So, what is Development Disabilities (DD)?

According to the CDC’s website, “Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions due to an impairment in physical, learning, language, or behavior areas. These conditions begin during the developmental period, may impact day-to-day functioning, and usually last throughout a person’s lifetime”1

While the National Institutes of Health also describe DD as, “Developmental disability is a severe, long-term disability that can affect cognitive ability, physical functioning, or both.  These disabilities appear before age 22 and are likely to be life-long. The term “developmental disability” encompasses intellectual disability but also includes physical disabilities. Some developmental disabilities may be solely physical, such as blindness from birth. Others involve both physical and intellectual disabilities stemming from genetic or other causes, such as Down syndrome and fetal alcohol syndrome.”2

Therefore, our development disability programs focus on several key concepts of services such as:

  • EXPRESSIVE THERAPY (Play & Art Therapy and Yoga)

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Adult Program

Family360’s Developmental Disabilities Program is a skill-building program for people with developmental disabilities. Skill building assistance consists of activities identified in the participant's individual plan of service that assist them in increasing their self-sufficiency and to engage in meaningful activities.

 Service Goals:

The following are the expected outcomes for the participants as defined in their individual plan of service:

  1. Community Integration: Participation in community activities in the same manner as a typical community citizen.
  2. Independence: Participate in activities that support choice making, and acquiring, retaining or improving self-help skills.
  3. Productivity: Engaging in activities that result in or lead to maintenance of or increased self-sufficiency and quality of life.
  4. The individual has an increased ability to function adaptively in interpersonal and social relationships, within a safe and healthy environment.
  5. The individual has decreased symptomatology of severe disorder/illness.
  6. Fitness through the Life Integrating Growth and Health Training (LIGHT)

Employment Opportunities

Finding the right job or weekday activity is a key component in maintaining stability and independence. Our program offers a day program, evaluations, prevocational assessment and support, and job coaching so adults with disabilities can find and maintain work that utilizes their greatest talents and abilities.

We team with employers and organizations throughout the community to find the most appropriate vocational experiences and volunteer opportunities for our clients.


A benefit of the program is the early identification or confirmation of developmental delays in children, which are often not recognized until later by the family or pediatrician; thus, delaying the intervention process. There has been a significant increase in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

Since the diagnosis of autism has no specific lab test, the Center’s competent, the trained staff has played a crucial role in the early identification and intervention for these children. Our Child Development Program addresses the social, educational and developmental needs of all children so they are ready for kindergarten, with a specific emphasis on preparing the children with special needs to be mainstreamed.

Rooted in research-based practices of early childhood development, each child is assessed through an individual portfolio, demonstrating the developmental growth of every child as they progress through our program.

EXPRESSIVE THERAPY (Play & Art Therapy and Yoga)

Expressive therapy is a vehicle for self-expression that integrates psychology and the creative process to nurture the whole self — mind, body and spirit alike. Our bodies contain emotions, which may not always be easy to access and express with words. The complementing expressive modalities of art therapy and yoga can help unleash such thoughts and feelings to increase self-understanding and awareness, and promote conscious positive change.

What services are offered?

Our program offers play, art therapy, and yoga in both individual and group settings for adults, adolescents, and children. Both alone and together, these experiential modalities help empower you to face life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.

Workshops and camps are also offered. They are designed to be supportive, informed, practical, experiential and, of course, creative. Sample themes include: Learning to Relax, Going with the Flow, Physical & Emotional Balance, Self-Esteem, Self-Care and the Art of Flexibility.

Art Therapy offers a safe space to harness your creative awareness, promote self-growth and work through the obstacles in your life. An art therapist will assist you in developing a session unique to your needs, hopes, and preferences. The directive can incorporate a wide range of creative activities including, but not limited to, drawing, painting, sculpting, journaling, writing, story-telling, cooking, dancing and/or listening to music.

New discoveries are inevitable, and you have permission to stay quiet, think out loud, laugh, cry, scream or just play. The emphasis is on process, not product, and nobody interprets your art, because you are the authority of your own


Family360’s Independent Living Program is a highly individualized, person-centered supportive living program that enables people with disabilities to live as independently as possible. Our staff takes the time to get to know each of the individuals we support in order to evaluate his or her needs and abilities.

Clients receive training in:

  • Money management
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Household management
  • Laundry
  • Social skills
  • Dating
  • Parenting skills

Transportation is included as part of this service.


Family Support is a non-entitlement publicly funded program designed to assist individuals living with an intellectual/developmental disability to maintain a cohesive family unit, both living at home, and within the community setting.

Each individual approved for Family Support will receive an Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP), which will identify the services and supports that are determined to best help the individual and family members, along with an allotted budget for these services and supports. Only those services and supports listed on the IFSP are eligible for Family Support funding.

Services and Supports

Some examples of eligible services and supports include:

  • Dental Care
  • Medical Care
  • Vision Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Specialized Medical Supplies
  • Specialized Nutritional Supplements
  • Incontinence Supplies
  • Arts, Social and Cultural Activities
  • Sports, Fitness and Aquatics
  • Summer Camps


Our in-home consultative services generally include:  Initial learning needs assessment and/or functional behavior assessment; Treatment plan written for skill acquisition and behavior reduction goals; Initial treatment sessions completed by BCBA; BCBA trains parent/caregiver to implement treatment plan; On-going training provided to parent/caregiver with treatment plan implementation; BCBA monitors data collection and progress toward treatment plan goal

Our school consultative services generally include:

Initial learning needs assessment and/or functional behavior assessment     

  • A comprehensive review of the Individualized Education Program
  • School-based
  • Conducting classroom observations
  • A written report of treatment recommendations
  • Attending IEP meetings
  • Collaborating with school staff
  • Psychiatric and Medication Management
  • Emotional Support Program; In-Classroom services
  • Special Needs Children/Students
  • Summer Camp 
  • Respite
  • Advocacy
  • Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder