Monthly Community Seminars

We are more than a counseling center.

Hosanna Ministries is committed to improving the health and wellness of our community. Each month we will be offering informational seminars to individuals and groups, which is an essential avenue for sharing information on various health topics that will benefit our community. These seminars are taught by Professional Individuals who are experts in several areas related to our services, the cost of these seminars are $50 per person; Group of 3 plus is $40 each.

However, our FREE Community Seminars are taught by community experts and are free and open to the public. Most community seminars are offered in small-group settings so our presenters can hear and answer as many of your questions as possible.

Registration is required for all seminars. Also, check back frequently for future topics, dates, and locations, as we will be adding new seminars regularly. And if you'd like us to notify you about upcoming events directly, join our mailing list or like our Facebookpage.

There may be hands-on demonstrations and refreshments will be served. Please call for a reservation, as seating may be limited.

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Family 360 seminars are done monthly ranging from topics such as:

 Anger Management   Healing Bitter Memories
 Reasoning with unreasonable people   Infidelity: After the Affair
 Stress Management   Parenting Wisely
 Sexual Abuse: Molestation, Rape, Incest   Depression/Suicide/Anxiety
 Trauma, Addictions and Relationships   Women who love too much
 Ways to Destroy Relationships and Strategies to Fix Them  

All our seminars are an open forum. Bring your questions about relationship issues, or better yet, step up on stage and have a one-on-one personal therapy session.

Some of Our Popular Seminars