Group Therapy

About Group Therapy

No Perfect People Allowed!

Our Group therapy is led by one of our qualified professional therapist or counselor at our facilities with a small group of individuals who have similar issues or problems. Group therapy is where individuals support each other, our meetings are both encouraging and valuable because individuals share their fears, concerns, and accomplishments.  We provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where children and adults can express themselves without the fear of rejection or being judged.

Family 360 is a place where we want to build healthy communications, improve social skills, and improve general emotional adjustment since it can be very helpful for our patients to talk to other individuals who are going through the same issues and get helpful advice on what has helped them.

This can develop useful coping skills, enhance the ability to create healthy relationships, foster successful skills for independence and stronger connections to one's community of support, which can improve functioning and more appropriate interpersonal and social relationships.

To learn more about of Group Therapy, please feel free to contact us.

Some types of group therapy provided are:

  • Social skills training
  • Activity therapy
  • Wellness
  • Child management
  • Rotating other topics available


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